Getting Sparkup Running in Windows

As a recent Zen Coding convert, I was excited to learn about Sparkup, a program which seems to expand on many of the capabilities of Zen Coding.

I won’t explain what it does here, because there are already a few excellent articles about it, like this one:

However I got stuck on the installation process. The only option I could find for windows was to install sparkup as a plugin for a text editor called Vim, and then you also have to get Python running on your machine.

Here are the steps I did which eventually worked for me.

1. download and install vim gvim73_46.exe to C:\Program Files.

2. Download from (Downloads button on the right) follow instructions in the readme for where to put it in the vim directory.

3. Download and Install Python2.6.6 (Sparkup doesn’t work with Python 3+ according to a post by the author)

4. add python to your system path. found instructions here:

5. restart

6. create a new file with a .htm extension (test.htm for example) save on your desktop or wherever.

7. launch gVim 7.3, and use it to open test.htm (you could alternatively just open a new file and save it with a .htm extension, but vim/sparkup seem to need to see it saved as html before it works)

8. type div>#test and press ctrl+e

9. You should see it expanded to:

        <div id=”test”></div>

and you are all set.

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